Resurrecting a Valkyrie

When the bike came to us, the yellow paint was mold-covered and the chrome was growing rust. The bike barely rolled and the engine hadn’t been turned over for two years. At first glance I thought, “Boy, this bike is really rough. I hope it starts.”

As luck would have it, I had a fresh battery in stock that fit the bike. We dropped it in, cranked it up, and lo and behold, she breathed life again. Not breathing well, mind you, but just breathing.

Several replaced parts and many labor hours have restored her to her full glory. A beautiful, running Valkyrie that gets compliments wherever she goes. As that 100HP engine pushes the rider down the road, it brings a smile to my face knowing that we brought this one back from the grave.

Ride safe, my friends!






2 responses to “Resurrecting a Valkyrie”

  1. Brush Avatar

    Brad, Thanks for the TLC on my 20 year old Harley.
    Ready once again to take us to Florida and back.
    Always a great experience at The Bike Shop.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Brad, Thanks so much for going the extra mile on my old Road king
    to make sure it was running good and safe to ride. Customer as long as I own a bike.
    Steve Iacobucci